photo 5
Video of a Sci.Tech.Cafe presentation on origami mechanics.

What happens when you pull a chain off a table?

Inertia and tension on the end of a string.

Images from our research

Microsoft Word - Manusript_Self-folding origami 10-6-14.docx
Self-folding origami bird.
(credit: Junhee Na)
Opening a polyvinyl siloxane tetrahedron
(credit: Nakul Bende)
Packing spheres on a cylinder
(Credit: Derek Wood)
(Credit: Zina Deretsky, National Science Foundation)
The Pierce quincuncial projection of the Earth folds into a sphere. (credit: Zina Deretsky, National Science Foundation)

Curved fold origami
copyright Jesse Silverberg
An origami-based mechanical metamaterial
(credit: Jesse Silverberg)
Computer model of an axisymmetric surface generated by non-uniform swelling.
Wrinkled non-Euclidean strips
Wrinkling ribbons due to inhomogeneous swelling
Riemann's minimal surface
Riemann’s minimal surface