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Fair Use Week!

Every year in February, we celebrate Fair Use / Fair Dealing Week. This year, from February 20-24, libraries are hosting programs covering what’s new and what’s true about fair use. The Association of Research Libraries hosts FairUseWeek.org, and is a great place to get started finding fair use activities or

two copyright settlements

one big settlement! viacom v. google http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/03/viacom-and-google-reach-settlement-in-long-running-youtube-lawsuit/ … and one not so big: goldieblox v beastie boys http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/legal-and-management/5937633/beastie-boy-vs-goldieblox-lawsuit-settled-over-girls …

Greenfield v. Pankey complaint

Couldn’t find the Greenfield v. Pankey complaint anywhere but PACER; posted it here: http://lquilter.net/library/Greenfield-v-Pankey-SDNY-20131231-2dAmendedComplaint.pdf … #copyright   update: August 2014: This case transferred to W.D. Texas in June 2014, then settled in August.  Settlement terms not publicly disclosed, as far as I know, but I can’t find the allegedly infringing

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