In association with the conference, we are offering an opportunity to graduate students to be a part of our 6th annual field study course at a Baroque palace site in Valeč, Czech Republic.  This is a hands-on opportunity to work on a cultural landscape in the field.  The field study will bracket the conference, with the first week taking place from May 9-13. The second week, held on site at the Palace in Valec, is directly following the conference from May 23-28. Students can participate for the entire two week study, or for the second week only.
The field study can be taken either as graduate credit at the University of Massachusetts (4 credits), or as an European Union of Life Sciences (ELLS) course for 7.5 credits. Please see more about the field study, site, and information on schedule here!  If you are interested in registering for the field study, please email and we will send you registration forms.