zine rubric Fall ’22

Rubric for final zine project – note:  as we’re shaping this rubric together, objectives are negotiable.  

  • On your topic, create an 8 page zine.  This is the equivalent of 4 pages on a Google slide document.
  • Each page is formatted with a vertical line down the middle; this creates a magazine-like layout with the two pages side by side. 
  • The final platform for display will be a Google slide document.
  • While it can be hand-made and/or or digitally constructed, everyone should include at least some hand-made elements.  This might include handwriting, simple illustrations, doodles, lists, what else?  These can be scanned to upload to whatever platform you’re using to construct the pages.     
  • If you construct the work on a digital platform, use whatever you favor:  Google slides, Canva, Photoshop, etc.
  • While the narrative voice can be primarily subjective, there should be some content that grounds your zine narrative in historical context.  This could be data, quotes from articles, theory, history, etc.  At least three such references.  
  • Zine should include a combination of images and written text.  Written text should be sufficient to tell a story that builds a meaningful image-text narrative about your topic.  At this point, there are no specific requirements for the amount of written text.
  • In using digitally-sourced images, there is a question we haven’t yet figured out as to the inclusion of memes.  Most of what fills your pages should not be memes that someone else has created.  
  • Some ways of working with digital imagery: 
    • Insert text commentary on and/or around the image.      
    • Take screenshots of media texts such as streaming series, movies, TikTok, and add commentary.
    • Work with photos you take.
  • While each person is making their own 4 pages, depending on the topic, it may be purposeful to merge these together into a group zine.  
  • Due last class meeting, Thu. Dec. 8. If more time needed, a week later, Thu, Dec. 15.