youth agenda blog picks


Cracking Comcast Fall ’11   Dorothy Chin,  Adam Abdelmaksoud, Vanessa Krejcir


A Student’s “Choice” After Graduation:  Problems of the Unpaid Internship, Corporate vs. Non-corporate, and Alternative Jobs

Fall ’11  Caitlin Snider, Christina D’Allessaadro, Erika Stigliano

Global Youth Protests

Researching Student Movements  Fall ’12  Ben Lambert


The Music Industry 101 Sp’ 09

Youth Economic Situation

YouthTube Fall ’10  John B., Zach, T.Llew


Shop til we Drop: can we afford our lifestyles? Spring ‘10 Chelsea Barr

Real S**t:  Leaving Life Beyond Our Means Spring ’10  Natasha Labbe, Donald Leonard

beautiful inside my head Spring ’09 Joe Palumbo

Body Image/Gender Representation

Dying to Conform Spring ’10 Kayce Kerr

Women in Ads  Fall ‘08 Patricia Johnson

Mental Health/Stress

Stressed Spring ’10 Hallie Acton

Racism on TV

Racism in Sitcoms  Fall ’08  Megan Fontecchio

Modern Black Sitcoms & Dramas Spring ’10 Willis Taylor


The Disney Influence Fall ‘10  Effie, Samantha , Jen, Laura, Neely , Anna

Mobile Devices

SMARTPHONE MANIA: An Unstoppable Power? Fall ’10 Geoffrey Ogunlesi



Sports Fall ’10  Steve Tyree,  Bill Trainor

The Sports Media and Today’s Athlete Fall ’08 Ryan Settler

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