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Multivalent: having or susceptible of many applications, interpretations, meanings, or values.

“visually complex and multivalent work.”

Polysemy (ic):  the capacity for a word or phrase to have multiple meanings, usually related by contiguity of meaning within a semantic field.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polysemy

feminist zine

Background:  In mapping the power matrix, the play of youth, democracy, and the entertainment industries, what should we study?  

One direction is to note some significant (“cutting edge”) trends you (and cohorts) are following.  

As historical forces have complex, multivalent, polysemic meanings, consider frames such as PLEASURES, PERILS, and POSSIBILITIES.

This might cover specific industries, trends, new forms, issues, events, players, songs, stories, style, platforms, problems, concerns, personal connections to your lives in terms work, friends, family, future plans, what else?  

Issues of democracy come up around questions of representation (and the lack thereof), power, inequality (race, class, gender, ablism), profits, access, resources, negative impacts, what else?

Guidelines:  Think of this as show and tell of what’s trending sharing.  Select one to two trends that somehow relate to youth, democracy, and the entertainment industries.  If the democracy part doesn’t yet seem to fit, select what’s cutting edge trends related to youth and the entertainment industries seem worthy of considering.  

To google doc link (below):

  • Create a title for the trend with a word or phrase.
  • In a few sentences (no more than three), describe the trend and its relationship to youth.
  • What are the pleasures, perils, possibilities?  It may be only one of these categories, or none.
  • If you have some inkling, what’s the play of democracy?
  • Find an image to insert.
  • Sign you name at the bottom.
  • Insert a horizontal line to separate your entry from that above and below.