class 17/18 topic statement & illustrate

Emma Balaguer Spring 2021

There are two parts:  the topic statement is due for class 17;  the illustration will be due class 18.     

1.  Write:  Return to the topic focus for which you wrote annotations (class 11) to draft a 2-3 paragraph statement on the topic, that includes some details, and implicitly presents a rationale for why this is an issue of concern.   NOTE:  Since doing your class 11 annotations, it’s possible your focus has shifted; if so, write about whatever you now want to address.  

Method/conceptual issue: voice, form, content:  An objective is to consider what voice and style to use.  Higher education teaches a division between “objective” and “subjective” narrative voice.  “Objective” is typically used for more academic “scholarly” research-based texts.  “Subjective” for personal, life experience, point-of-view narratives. 

It’s up to you to determine what style you want to follow; the two can be combined.

The goal is to craft an engaging and compelling read.  

This might include some information – facts, theory, history, examples – from your annotations.  It might also include personal reflections, stories, life experiences, perspectives

See this as a beginning treatment that might be used in a zine, preliminary script notes for a radio op-ed piece, a Tik Tok video, a signage/social media campaign, what else? 

Start with a strong opening sentence.  Proofread and edit for clarity, readability, and concision:  less is more, get rid of clutter in the room.  

Ellis Merriweather, Spring 2021

Step two: draw a simple illustration to represent your topic statement.  This will be due in the following class 18.  For those who may have the time to get it done in advance, here’s the guidelines.

  • Use pencil, pen, and/or other writing implements, e.g. markers, crayons.

  • Can be two-tone (black and white) or color.  If you have access to color implements, try it out.

  • Draw upon whatever skills available, e.g stick figures, doodles, cartooning, bubble letters, storyboarding, what else?

  • Create some form of banner text that adds some critical meaning.

  • Fill the page.

  • Size to an 8.5 x 11 format.

  • Make a digital copy using a smartphone scanner.

  • Bring paper copy to class to share.

Post on rolling Google doc.  Include date and assignment title.  Single-spaced.  Send link to instructor.