class 25 revise & illustrate

1.  Revise POV essay:   once you have a first draft of your POV essay (class 22/23) completed, work to revise your essay so that it is more engaging for social media readers.  Here’s some guidelines:

  • PROOFREAD for best sentence flow and readability.
  • Get rid of references to the academic process, e.g. “in this study, I’ve found…”          Show me, don’t tell me.  
  • Start with a strong opening sentence.
  • Be concise, get rid of extra and redundant verbiage.  Less is more.
  • Work to include your personal voice, experience, observations; how this impacts me, friends, family, generational cohorts, what I’m seeing, thinking, feeling.

For Instagram posts, consider breaking a several paragraph POV essay into several posts.  You might also do short new posts that draw from earlier online annotations and/or new material.  Play with it as you regularly do, now connecting some critical concerns with social media influence. 

  1. POV topic illustration:  create an illustration to highlight ideas you’re discussing in your POV essay; to be posted with your social media post.
  • Use images and written text; may be handwritten, must be legible.
  • Can be digitally-generated or hand-done, e.g. drawing, collage cut & paste.
  • Consider some form of banner text that calls out a critical meaning.
  • Consider visual design principles:  dominant line, contrast, balance.  To familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of visual design, scan the “20 most important design principles illustrated.
  • Create some form of framing device to contain and focus the composition.
  • Upload to your group’s social media site and post to your rolling Google doc.