post illustration to Google doc &

Ciara Walsh, Fall ’20, @fightagainstwomensoppression on Instagram

1. To create a gallery with everyone’s illustration, post your illustration to this Google doc.  Include your name with name and your topic group’s Instagram handler/username.  It’s optional to include a caption.  

2.  Make sure your POV essay with illustration(s) are posted on your topic group’s Instagram page.  These should also be on your individual rolling Google doc. Assignment guidelines can be found class 25 revise & illustrateclass 24  post on group site & class 22/23 POV essay & grievances.

Aisha Schor, Fall ’20, mentalhealth397ss on Instagram

In case you want to check them out, here’s the handles for each group’s Instagram page:

Social Media & Electoral Politics:  @thedividedstatezofamerica on Instagram 

Alternative Economic Theories: @alternatives4econ on Instagram

Mental Health: @mentalhealth397ss on Instagram

Youth Precarity: @youthinmotion__ on instagram  

Women’s Oppression: @fightagainstwomensoppression on Instagram 

Mitch Langfield, Fall ’20, @mentalhealth397ss on Instagram