page 26 finishing up

Co-op Housing, Jay Blumenfeld

1.  If you haven’t already, finish zine pages by Thursday, 12.15.22.  On your rolling Google doc, post link to the Google slide doc on which it’s assembled.  If you’ve used a different platform, send link (with access) to that platform, or PDF of final work.   

2.  Print out – ideally in color – your final zine pages to hand in.  

  • Make sure your name is (inconspicuously, in small letters) written somewhere on one of the bottom page corners
  • For those who haven’t already turned them in, leave them in my mailbox in the ILC Dept. of Communication mailroom, located across from the department’s administrative offices.  
  • Instructor will curate a selection to post on the ILC bulletin board. 
  • NOTE:  If you cannot print out a copy or for other reasons, can’t get this task done before you leave for the term, please let me know. 

Paige Swanson, ZineTemplate1Fall22

3.  For final points assessment, create an archive of the zine pages you’ve done including ZineTemplate1Fall22, class22EditImage&Text Google slide doc. ZineTemplate3Fall22.  Some of you may have already posted some of these elements on your rolling Google doc.  Here’s  two options:

  • On your rolling Google doc.  Post with assignment title and date – now notated on course blog.   
  • If you choose to create a separate Google slides doc of your work, post the link on your Google doc.

4.  For those who posted the class 14 research methods photocopy and written statement on the ILC bulletin board, find a copy of it from photos taken by Joel and upload to your rolling Google doc.