naming the issues, intersectionality

shaping a youth agenda for democracy in relation to the entertainment industries

Overview:  read through the Praxis model outline, watch the video on intersectionality, and write journal notes naming the issues drawing on your personal experiences and perspective. 

Praxis model outline:

A critical pedagogy (Freire) model of praxis follows several steps.  These include:

  1. naming the issues/problems/concerns
  2. analyzing these issues to discern systemic root causes, including mapping power structures
  3. formulating transformative visions:  alternative paradigms, programmatic demands, and social change strategies to achieve those visions  
  4. implementing these strategies for change

For class 7, write from your personal experience to name issues of concern in relation to youth, democracy, and the entertainment industries.  Three questions:  

  1. What are some critical issues facing youth?  
  2. What are some critical issues facing youth in relation to the entertainment industries?
  3. What are particular issues related to the immediate systemic breakdown?

In your response, consider an intersectional framework that recognizes the interplay of race, class, gender, and other forms of discrimination/marginalization in determining individual and collective power — or lack thereof.  Along these lines, here’s some prompts:  

    • As a woman, what are particular issues of democracy (or not) that young women are facing today, in general and in relation to the EIs?
    • How does your class status impact your life?  Work, college finances, what else?
    • How does race affect your positional status?  Agency?    

In your response, work to include at least one story or some way of offering a bit more detail about the issue(s) of concern.  

Write several (2-3) paragraphs max. on your rolling Google doc.  Send link by our next class meeting. (9.15.20)