class 11  media literacy & Facebook 

1.  Learn media literacy questions and sub-questions towards the goal of putting these to memory, write them (rather than copy/paste) onto your rolling Google doc.  There will be no test, but you will be applying them during the term.  

2.  Read these media texts on the Facebook blackout (10.4.21) and wider context:

  1.  Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down in global outage.  Al Jazeera.  October 4, 2021

2. Georgia Wells,  Jeff Horwitz, Deepa Seetharaman.  Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show.  September 14, 2021.

3.  Viewpoint: ‘We’re living in an age of surveillance capitalism’ | BBC Ideas

4.  Lewis Bassett.  Facebook After Capitalism.  Jacobin.  8.29.2018.

No written response notes — just come to class ready to free write your thoughts to some prompts including:

  • How do the stories told by these varied media texts compare?
  • What do they foreground and what is left out?