class 12 mapping resources

The next few classes we’ll be mapping the YDEI matrix to begin assessing possible topics and directions for praxis:  naming and analyzing the issues towards developing strategies for change.  Our initial focus in class 12 will be mapping relationships between young women, gender relations with men including toxic masculinity, the entertainment industries, and the cultural narratives, symbols and meanings they produce. This will build upon the readings for class 11 and the illustrations you’ve posted on FB.   

  1. Read the Oppression matrix (1 page) and take brief notes to solidify the framework in your mind and memory.  
  2. Go back and view all illustrations posted on class FB group to identity issues related to women’s power/domination, including intersectional (race/class) elements.
    1. Review each illustration to see in what ways, if any, they communicate meanings about women, gender, and power — this could also be about toxic masculinity.  Not all may be directly relevant and there may be some overlap, e.g. influencer representations.    
    2. Following the levels outlined by the power matrix read, discern the institutions/industries being named, and cultural values at play, e.g. status, beauty.
    3. Make a list to bring to class to help shape the mapping project we’ll be doing.  

POST your notes for these two questions on your rolling Google doc.  Include name, date, assignment title.  Send link to instructor.  

The Socio-Ecological Model (used by) Enough (Sexual) Abuse Frameworks for Prevention