find images of youth

Barbara Kruger, 1991

Find (2-3) source images for an Adbuster-styled collage on the relationship between youth and the entertainment industries.  These will serve as a beginning image upon which you will collage written text and possibly other images to communicate critical meanings.  The intent is also to create a collection of contemporary images that somehow characterize contemporary youth.  The defined age group for “Youth” varies within the range of 15-24, though can stretch on both sides.


  • Find trending, mainstream images of youth produced by the EIs, including social media; could include those produced by youth themselves, e.g. influencers.
  • Find alternative images of youth that project critical, oppositional, countercultural meanings.  
  • For both categories — mainstream, alternative — select images that particularly speak to your interests, values, pleasures.  
  • For these two kinds of images, write about what they say about youth.
    • Who produces these images, for what purpose/motive? 
    • What’s the story they tell?  
    • What are underlying cultural meanings:  values, beliefs, norms, images of the ideal?
    • What, if anything, do they say about democracy? Does this question even make sense?
  • Sources:  screenshots from social media, streaming sources, original photos, print publications, what else?
  • Post in two places: