class 26 finishing up details

Rae Whitley, Fall ’20  @youthinmotion__ on instagram

  1.  Use your initials, e.g. JS, to sign whatever you’ve posted on Instagram.  This includes your POV essay(s), other posts you may add, and list of grievances/premises/talking points.  If the list is a joint document, you can either include the initials of all who contributed or leave it anonymous.  

2.  Following class 25 revise & illustrate guidelines make sure to post your illustration(s) and POV essay(s) to both your individual Google doc response notes and with your topic group Instagram page.  

Eliza Kuppens, Fall ’20 @mentalhealth397ss on Instagram

Here’s the handles for each group’s Instagram page:

Social Media & Electoral Politics:  @thedividedstatezofamerica on Instagram   

Alternative Economic Theories: @alternatives4econ on Instagram

Mental Health: @mentalhealth397ss on Instagram

Youth Precarity: @youthinmotion__ on instagram  

Women’s Oppression: @fightagainstwomensoppression on Instagram  

Emily Inman Fall ’20 youthinmotion__ on instagram