final assignment

Due: Wednesday, 5.11.22

  1. Post (2) Adbuster-styled memes that were detailed in classes 12 and 13 to this shared Google slide document Many of you have already completed this.
    1. Include your name somewhere on the slide.  
    2. Also post these to your rolling Google doc.  
  2. View/read through installation. 
    1. Take (2) photos of image/text combinations from another group that you appreciate.  The focal length should be close enough to easily read the written text.     
    2. For those two photos and the entire installation, write notes:  assess what works, could work better.  
  3. Go through the 3 iterations of photos of installation in this shared Google drive folder   to find/copy photos of your specific contributions to your group installation.  
    1. Include both a long shot of all the images posted by your group, and close-up shots of your specific image-text contributions.  
    2. Photos can come from any one of the iterations (times we posted on walls) or several.  In other words, it’s not necessary to have photos from one of each of the iterations — times we posted images on the wall.  
    3. Include at least 3 photos no more than 6.  
  4. Post all above to your rolling Google doc.