democratic contestations Fall 16 topics

  1. feministlookslikeBlack Lives Matter, mass incarceration, widening representations of people of color, sports industries, militarism, patriotism, hypermasculinity, Trump-NRA youth, white supremacy
  1. Gender representation, social media, and the entertainment industries, pushback to Trump’s misogyny, feminist cultural activism, porn, youth romance, fe/male gender shifting, fashion
  1. Youth economic squeeze, college debt, homelessness, job insecurity (precarity), Fight for $15, free public higher education, South African student “fees must fall” movement
  1. Telecom, devices, broadband oligopoly vs. a public option; ATT-Time Warner merger
Arab Spring uprising, Egypt, 2011

Arab Spring uprising, Egypt, 2011

  1. Arab youth, discourses defining “terrorism,” Islamophobia, ISIS recruits, Arab Spring
  1. Undocumented “Illegal” immigrant youth, aka the Dreamers.
  1. Other topics?