contestations Democracy Now Feb 17

Listen to audio (just under an hour) of  three recent news episodes on Democracy Now on immediate struggles of race/class/gender equity to consider their relationship to youth, democracy, and the entertainment industries.

Reading response questions — post to rolling Google doc with date, assignment title; send link.

  1. In these three immediate political struggles, what are the issues of democracy? Response should include a summary description of each political struggle.     
  2. In what ways do they compare?  This might discuss forces of intersectional (race/class/gender) oppression.
  3. In what ways do these struggles relate to youth and the entertainment industries?     

  1. Teacher Unions: We Want to Reopen Schools as Well, But We Need Vaccines & Resources to Do It Safely.  February 17, 2021.  [20.16]  Direct link to Democracy Now story.
  2. “David vs. Goliath”: Warehouse Workers in Alabama Fight Amazon for the Right to Unionize.  February 17, 2021. [18.36]  Direct link to Democracy Now story.
  1. “Not Doing This Is a Choice”: Biden Drags His Feet on Canceling Student Debt Despite Campaign Pledge.  February 18, 2021. [13.50] Direct link to Democracy Now story.