define democracy

South African student “fees must fall” movement, 2016

Define democracy in 3 ways:

  1. List 3-5 terms that for you somehow describe the meanings of democracy.
  2. In a paragraph, describe how you’ve learned and experienced the above terms as lived, everyday practices in arenas (formal/informal) that determine your agency (power) as a young person. 
  3. Describe a contemporary instance of democracy at play in the articulating power dynamics of youth and the entertainment industries. (see some examples below)  Write just a bit about some of the forces :  ideologies/discourses, institutions, agent forces, i.e. who are the players, what are underlying political-cultural forces that generate these expressive combinations?   If the question doesn’t seem  clear, do your best.  There’s no wrong answer.         Optional:  post an image or short video that illustrates the articulation you describe.

Some explanatory notes:

From cultural studies, articulation is a concept of how ideas (discourses) that construct and reinforce power relationships occur through dynamic struggles that impact cultural meanings, identity, institutions, and agency.  

Some questions that suggest current YDEI articulations:

In what ways can one trace the articulation of the youth, democracy, and the entertainment industries in the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? 

What is the articulation of cultural meanings in the Bernie mittens meme?  How does it work?  What does it say?  What are the pleasures?  What shared commonsense does it construct?

Post notes on your individual rolling Google doc. Include assignment title and date. Insert horizontal line above and below this entry.  Enable comment access and send link to instructor.