spectacle, culture jamming, Adbusters

As a strategy for social change, what is “culture jamming” ?

How does Adbuster “subvertising” aesthetics combining image and text work?

What is the Debord’s theory of  “society of the spectacle”?

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2.  Read Culture Jamming and Meme-based Communication up to “Definitions and Perspectives.

3.  Survey Adbuster Spoof Ads.    How does the subvertising strategy work?

2.  Read through the copy of Adbusters you borrowed in class.  Read several of the articles.  Select one image-text combination to share in class; be prepared to discuss why you chose it and how it works.

Optional Read this blog post for one person’s visual analysis of Adbuster covers;  go to section PAGES 2 AND 3 ANALYSIS.

No written response notes — come to class ready to discuss what is the theory of “society of the spectacle”?  What is culture jamming?  How does Adbusters work?  How to assess as a strategy for change?