Covid safety norms

Classroom Behavior, COVID and Public Safety. 

We live in complex times and the COVID-19 pandemic remains a rapidly evolving situation. UMASS Amherst has implemented reasonable health and safety protocols, based on the scientific and healthcare expertise of our community and official state and Federal guidelines. As a member of our campus community, you are expected follow campus policies and safety protocols recently announced by the Provost Office (   These standards apply to anyone who is physically present on campus, on UMASS grounds, or participating in a UMASS-sponsored activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts us all in many ways, including physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, academically, and professionally. I will work with you on challenges you may be encountering and provide support to help you succeed. However, please keep in mind that I will hold you accountable to these guidelines.

Classroom Safety Standards. Our class adheres to the following standards:

  • Masks are always required on campus and in all indoor public spaces, including classrooms, hallways, elevators, restrooms, breakrooms, entries and exits to buildings, laboratories, meeting rooms, shared offices, and shared work areas.
  • Vaccination is required for all students, instructors, and staff of the UMass Amherst University Campus. However, our university provides religious or medical exemptions. For more information on exemptions and compliance with unvaccinated testing requirements in these cases, please visit the UMass Public Health Promotion Center at
  • Vaccinated instructors can choose to go unmasked while teaching if they can maintain at least six feet of distance from where students are sitting in the classroom.
  • A student who comes to class without wearing a mask will be asked to put on a mask or to leave to get one. We all make mistakes and sometimes we can unintentionally forget to put a mask on. Reminders from the instructor or TA about this rule are aimed to maintain the safety of our classroom.  However, a failure to comply with such requests could result in student conduct processes.
  • If you need to be tested, please visit UMass Public Health Promotion Center: 

Attendance Policy and COVID-19. Do not attend in-person class if you have COVID-19, if you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, if you need to care for an individual with COVID-19 or have other health concerns related to COVID-19. If you are unable to attend class, notify me via email, and please do so before our next class meeting or as soon as possible. I’ll set up a zoom meeting in the following 24 hours to discuss your situation and set up reasonable expectations for the course.

Students who miss class due to the above conditions will not be penalized. We are here to support you. As your instructor, I will trust your word. I also expect that you notify the school or your academic advisor immediately and submit medical documentation in reasonable time so you can receive proper accommodations and attention from our university.

Potential for Adjustments and Changes. Changing public health circumstances for COVID-19 may affect all of us. If the instructor falls ill during the semester, there may be temporary changes to this course, including having a backup instructor take over the course or completing work remotely for a short time.  The University is also monitoring the evolving public health situation in a daily basis and may change its guidelines. We’ll keep you informed of any changes through in-class announcements and communication channels regularly employed in this class.