Covid challenges, what’s trending 8.20

Free write short response notes (no more than paragraph each) on a Google doc to send to instructor (  Include name, date, and assignment title.    

    1. Challenges.  In returning to school, what are some challenges you’re facing?  This could be personal, school-academic, work, etc.     
    2. What’s trending.  On your media screens, what’s trending that somehow speaks to the play of youth, democracy, and the entertainment industries? How do the forces of youth and democratic impulses get expressed through the EIs? (or not)
      1. First, reflect on your sense of what democracy means.  Write down 3-5 terms that for you, define the meanings of democracy.
      2. Now think about what’s been trending on your screens through social media, streaming platforms, cable TV, music channels, the news, what else?  List one (or several things) to share in class:  a meme, song, song, instagram site/post, video, twitter feed, news report, what else?  

Amazon workers protest against the lack of adequate workplace protections on National May Day Walkout/Sickout by workers at Amazon, Whole Foods, Innstacart and Shipt amid the Covid-19 pandemic on May 1, 2020.