commons, coops, big tech


  1. Tim Swinehart. Stealing and Selling Nature: Why We Need to Reclaim “the Commons” in the Curriculum.  Teaching a People’s History, Zinn Education Project.  November 13, 2012.
  2. Gar Alperovitz.  How the 99 Percent Really Lost Out – in Far Greater Ways Than the Occupy Protesters Imagine. Oct 29, 2011.
  3. Lee Alternberg.  Beyond Capitalism:  Leland Stanford’s Forgotten Vision.  Sandstone and Tile, Vol. 14 (1). First six paragraphs.
  4. Spanish Cooperative Mondragon Weathers the Financial Storm. Al Jazeera English. March 22, 2012.

5.  Meet the People Building Their Own Internet in Detroit. November 16, 2017.

6.  It’s Time to Make Amazon a Public Utility. May 11, 2020. [5.09]

Reading questions – post responses on your rolling Google doc. Include assignment date and title.

  1.  Considering these varied reads/videos as a group of complementary perspectives and approaches, what’s the story they tell?   What are some takeaways?  Do your best to reference some of the examples presented.    What are your thoughts?
  2.  In relation to the topic upon which you’re focused,  how might a commons-cooperative apply?