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Ashley Gonzalez Fall'11

Ashley Gonzalez Fall’11

Overview: The goal of viewing these videos and cartoons from artist websites is to introduce the graphic novel form and some of the continuum of the comic art genre of which it is a part.

As we’ll do our first illustrations next week, this online survey and gallery  visit next class offer opportunities to notice comic art technique and content.

note:  I hope women and others will not be too offended by the busty image that appears as the default for video #5.  For me it speaks to larger questions of hypersexualization that seem an integral part of comic-con culture.  And the image stands in sharp contrast to the teen DIY-punk feminist zinester that comes just before.  (video #4)  We’ll talk about it in class.


  1. How do these genres work in the sense of how they engage the reader?
  1. What are the pleasures?
  1. How to make sense of the range of ways in which youth and others create a participatory relationship to comic art culture?
  1. In representing the lives of you and your cohorts (young adults) what stories would you tell?


  1. Watch the video about Terminal Lance video profile (below) and all the comic strips and commentary for January 2017.
  1. Watch the video about Leila Abdelrazaq and survey her website reading through the varied project topics posted that begin with “Baddawi” and end with “BDS zine.”

3.  People of the Graphic Novel

  1.  [youtube][/youtube]
  1. The Girls of Comic-Con 2012