systemic racism, guns &


  1.  Moving The Race Conversation Forward

  1.  Megan Humphrey.  Gun Violence Debate Needs to Include Police Militarization and Drug Prohibition Violence.  Drug Policy Alliance. April 2, 2018.
  1.  James Kilgore. Let’s Imagine a National Organizing Effort to Challenge Mass Incarceration. Truthout, March 28, 2018.
  2. View Michelle Alexander videos (2) on the New Jim Crow



Reading questions – response notes required

1.  Responding to #1 (video), from your lived experience beginning in childhood, reflect on forms of systemic racism that are so normalized they are no longer seen, but rather unconsciously accepted as “the way it is.”

2.   Discuss some important ideas articulated by Michelle Alexander. (#4) What are your thoughts?  You might discuss them in relation to our gun violence dialogue.

3.  Readings #2 and #3 call for a national movement to abolish prisons, drug laws, and demilitarizing the police — and economic justice.  Reading #3 discusses elements of the culture of resistance that built a sustained movement to topple apartheid.  How does this compare to y/our experience?   What forms of already existing networks might we consider as assets to build from?   What are the obstacles?

Writing formatting guidelines:  Written assignments should single-spaced & typed in Times New Roman or Arial (size 12 font) with 1-inch margins all around. Remember to proofread.    First page should have a heading (single-spaced) at top of page that includes name, date, and title of assignment.