survey Adbusters

As a strategy for social change, what is “culture jamming” ?

How does Adbuster “subvertising” collage aesthetics of combining image and text work?

How does culture jamming work as a strategy to challenge institutional racism/white supremacy?


  1. Read Culture Jamming and Meme-based Communication up to “Definitions and Perspectives.
  2. Survey the issue of Adbusters you’re sharing with a partner to consider the magazine’s aesthetic content, form, and meanings:
  •  Survey the images and articles, going through the whole issue.
  • Read a few of the articles/essays.
  • Spend some time with several of the images.
  • Consider how they “work” in the aesthetic-critical meanings they make?
  • Select one to share in class.

3.  Survey several Adbuster Mind Journeys .  Select one to share in class.

NOTE: For those who missed class and lack a partner to share a magazine, survey Adbusters website including Mind Journeys.  Select one of the Mind Journey tiles to share.