1.  Tiernan Morgan, Lorie Purje.  An Illustrated Guide to Guy DeBord’s ‘The Society of the Spectacle.’  Hyperallergic, August 10, 2016. 
  2. PlasticPills Society of the Spectacle: Influencers & Guy Debord  July 15, 2019


Reading questions — submit written responses on rolling Google doc — no more than 1 page.  

  1. Based on the reading on video,  what are your responses to DeBord’s theory of the spectacle?    Begin by offering a two-three sentence summary of the concept.   In your answer discuss at least two specific concepts.  Explain what they mean to you and how they resonate with your lived experience.  
  2.  In relation to the June 2020 uprising to protest the police killing of George Floyd and systemic racism, in what ways, if any, does the theory of the spectacle apply?  How are the entertainment industries channeling the spectacle? You might outline some specific elements.  What is the role of the spectator/consumer?  


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