class 20 signage &

  1. Bring in paper copy of class 14  picture class inequities & EIs to share in class.

    Mitch Langfield, Fall ’20, @mentalhealth397ss on Instagram

  2. Using markers, rewrite 3 versions of class 19 free write on The Great Resignation, UMass

In current “news” discourse, The Great Resignation refers to significant numbers of U.S. workers returning to work, in part because of it’s oppressive features.  Regarding students, can it be applied to significant patterns of non-attendance, non-completion of class work? 

If you weren’t in class, the general prompt was to write about challenges you’re feeling this term:  pressures, concerns, frustrations, desires, what you want to change. 

  • On all three versions, hand write 2-3 times normal size.  The text for each doesn’t have to be the same. 

  • Do some drawing on one:  can be simple illustration to complement ideas expressed, doodling, what else?

  • Add color to another.

  • Bring to class to share.

  • Take photos to have a digital record and post to your rolling Google doc.

  • If you can, bring colored magic markers to class in case we want to do additional embellishment.  

Ariana Sparages, Social Media Repping Youth, Fall ’20