class 22/23 POV essay & grievances 

Generation Debt illustration Fall 12

  1. Complete draft of POV essay.  See class 19, question #2 for guidelines
  • The goal is to produce a draft to post on a social media platform along with one or several images, e.g. Instagram.  
  • Each group member’s POV essay should be distinct to avoid repeating the same issues.
  • Would it be suitable — perhaps in shortened form — to post on one of the activist social media sites you found for classes 13 and 17 online survey?  Review your annotations to see if it might be appropriate.  If not, might there be another site?  
  1. Review your group’s list of grievances:
  • How can it be fine-tuned?  Use comments button to make edits. 
  • Does your POV essay link to one of the specific grievances?  

Post on your rolling Google doc.  Include assignment date and title.