picture class-EI harms

Kayla Rybacki, final topic illustraiton Sp 14

Build on your response to class 3 assignment question 2 through illustration brainstorming:

  1. From your life experience (past/present), write a 1-paragraph story that illustrates ways in which (capitalist) class inequities intersect with the entertainment industries.
    • draw from your lived experiences:  directly and/or what you’ve observed
    • might cover family conflicts, peer pressure, economic inclusion/exclusion, financial stress
    • could critique pop culture trends, EI products and representations (cable series, video games, influencers); but must somehow connect to your lived experience  
  2. Brainstorm ways to illustrate this using simple DIY means:  pencil, doodles, crayons, markers, digital tools, what else?  Write a sentence or two with these ideas.  Some options:
    • Collage, meme, cartoons, graphic novels, storyboards, stick figures  
    • Short form video (Tik Tok)
    • Subversion, mash-up of existing media text, inserting your story in a popular media series/genre, e.g. sports interview, reality TV, what else?
    • Poetry, spoken-word art, rap

3.  Find one text (image, artifact, smart phone photo) that somehow stands for your story.  Consider this a first stage illustration where you might creatively lay out sections from your story in relation to the illustrative text.  For next class, ONLY INCLUDE THE TEXT-IMAGE on your Google doc beside your 1-paragraph story.  You’re not expected to do any creative layout yet — unless you want to play around.

Generation Debt illustration Fall 12