Native Land

Sharecropper union organizers under attack. Native Land (1942)

Native Land, a feature  film my father Alfred Saxe worked on, presents a communist “Popular Front” narrative of the 1930s-40s labor movement.  Class discussion will include left cultural activism of the New Deal era aka “The Cultural Front” .

  1. Read this brief bio of Paul Robeson, the narrator of Native Land.
  2.  Read film review of Native Land by Jan-Christopher Horak.
  3. View Native Land (1942). [1:28:30]

Reading questionswritten responses required

  • In a sentence or two, describe a notable scene.   What’s interesting?  What do you see?  To share in class, include its time location. (mins: secs)
  • What are your general responses to the film?  How does the film speak to any issues we’ve discussed this term?
  • How does it compare with film/TV/web media of today?

1939 album reviewed on All Things Considered.



Written assignments are single-spaced, typed in Times New Roman or Arial (12 pt), 1-inch margins. Remember to proofread. First page should have a heading (single-spaced) that includes name, date, assignment title.