class 8 funds of knowledge

Towards the goal of mapping the assets of those in our class and drawing from our funds of knowledge to shape class methods and content, please respond to the list of prompts (categories) below. 

Copy the entire list of categories below onto your rolling Google doc and respond to each. 

When you’re done, read through your responses to consider whether these categories allow you to share the fullest range of what you can contribute of your knowledge, skills, and talents to our teaching and learning process?  

If something’s missing, add a final note that includes whatever else you want to share.

When completed, send Google-doc link to instructor. 


  1. Place(s) you grew up/environments past & present including college residential situation
  2. Educational background
  3. Family background ( values, traditions, occupations, leisure time, travel, communal life celebrated holidays)
  4. How you identify:  race/class/gender/sexuality/ethnicity/political beliefs/religion
  5. Passions
  6. Educational activities including clubs
  7. Networks of which you’re a part (might be covered under other categories)
  8. Work/internship experiences, including those related to the EIs 
  9. Recreational activities including sports 
  10. Movies/TV/celebrities you favor.
  11. Social media pleasures (could include news/information sources)
  12. Musical preferences
  13. Social activities (e.g. drinking, partying, weekend activities, what else?)
  14. Hobbies (e.g. cooking, art, music)
  15. Social-emotional intelligence, relational skills and resources
  16. Life aspirations
  17. Teachable skills