the commons & stadiums


1.  Tim Swinehart. Stealing and Selling Nature: Why We Need to Reclaim “the Commons” in the Curriculum.  Teaching a People’s History, Zinn Education Project.  November 13, 2012.

2.  Vanya Bisht. Elinor Ostrom and the Theory of Governing the Commons Explained.  Nov 1, 2018.

3..  Gar Alperovitz.  How the 99 Percent Really Lost Out – in Far Greater Ways Than the Occupy Protesters Imagine. Oct 29, 2011.

4.  John Oliver.  Stadiums.  Last Week Tonight, HBO.  Jul 12, 2015.

Reading questions — written responses required

  1.  Summarize and discuss readings & video #1 – #3.   Discuss some ideas that seem interesting and important, including at least one idea from each reading.  Your thoughts?
  2.  How might a common’s perspective view the relationship between youth and the entertainment industries, e.g.  music, fashion, story, technology.
  3.  Your thoughts on John Oliver’s critique of stadium subsidies? In your discussion, briefly summarize the story told in this episode.  Include some specifics he references.  What’s the relevance of the idea of the commons discussed in above readings?
  4. NOTE: Submit your response notes to instructor as a Google doc via email:

Written assignments are single-spaced, typed in Times New Roman or Arial (size 12 font), 1-inch margins all around. Remember to proofread. Include a heading (single-spaced) that includes name, date, assignment title.