collage illustration

With a partner, create a collage illustration to represent certain critical meanings in the collaborative cohort report you jointly drafted. The illustration should combine some of the words conveyed in the cohort interviews with a targeted issue/industry.

Rob West, entertainment Industry Influences, Fall ’14

  • Use a combination of images and written text.  Text may be handwritten and/or typed; must be legible.
  • Can be hand cut-and-paste, computer-generated, or some combination thereof.
  • CANNOT BE Google generic images but must include some self-created or personal images.
  • Can use online sourced photos and other images that directly represent the issues.
  • Create some form of banner text that calls out a critical meaning to highlight.
  • Consider Adbuster style in its sometimes unusual juxtaposition of image and text.
  • Consider visual design principles:  dominant line, contrast, balance.
  • Consider doodling as a design feature.
  • Possibly use personal images:  family photos, cell pics, etc.
  • Create some form of framing device to contain and focus the composition.
  • Use 8.5 x 11” paper.
  • Post on designated Google docs including a group doc and your personal rolling doc.
  • When completed, send link to instructor.
[assignment originally posted 10.7.15]