class 12 consumerism, alternatives?

Kayla Rybacki, YDEI, Fall 2014

These readings/videos raise questions about the meanings and impacts of consumerism, with a particular focus on communications technology.  The last three suggest strategies for change and alternative paradigms.  In issues covered by these videos, there’s some overlap, but each has distinct angles and information.

NOTE:  IT MIGHT BE PURPOSEFUL TO WATCH video # 3,  “Annie Leonard. The Story of Solutions” twice.  It offers important ideas about formulating new paradigms we’ll consider in class.

Reading questions – WRITTEN RESPONSES REQUIREDNo more than 1-2 pages.  Post to rolling Google doc with date, assignment title; send link.   Single-spaced & typed in Times New Roman or Arial (size 12 font), 1-inch margins.  Insert horizontal line between assignments.  Please proofread.

  1.  For the first two videos, what’s the story they tell?  What are some take-aways to discuss in class?   In what ways, if any, do these issue resonate with your life experiences?
  2.  For reads 3-5, what are some take-aways?  What are your responses?  


  1.  Annie Leonard.  The Story of Electronics.  [7:46]  2010. 

2.  Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (Planned Obsolescence) [5:55]

3.  Annie Leonard. The Story of Solutions. [9:06]  Oct 1, 2013.

4.  Selic Borden. THE ALTERNATIVE  Comm.397ss, April 20, 2013. 

5.  MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS – THRIFT SHOP FEAT.  Aug 29, 2012. [3:53]