class 9  picture class inequities & EIs

The Pyramid of Capitalist System is a common name of a 1911 American cartoon caricature critical of capitalism, copied from a Russian flyer of c. 1901. Wikepedia

Create an illustration that draws from your life experience to represent ways in (capitalist) class inequities intersect with the entertainment industries.  You may work directly from your responses to class 3 and class 4 and/or come up with a new idea.  Some key prompts:

  • Draw from your lived experiences:  directly and/or what you’ve observed
  • Might cover family conflicts, peer pressure, economic inclusion/exclusion, financial stress
  • Could critique pop culture trends, EI products and representations (cable series, video games, influencers); but must somehow connect to your lived experience  
  • In “Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth,” (class 3, question 2) Stiglitz outlines structural forces causing greater class inequality.  Declining government support for public education and child-rearing in under-resourced communities, alongside the privileges afforded youth from upper-income families is shutting down class mobility, i.e. access to the “American dream.”  In what ways if any, does this resonate with your lived experiences and observations?

Illustration guidelines

  • Use a combination of images and written text.  Text may be handwritten, typed, and/or cut out from magazines; must be legible.
  • Must be done primarily by hand, meaning NOT DIGITAL.  You can include digitally-generated images, but the overall construction should include hand-done elements, e.g. writing, drawing, doodling, framing, etc.  
  • CANNOT BE Google generic images but must include some self-created or personal images.
  • Digitally-sourced Images can include (non-generic) photos, adverts, graphics, other kinds of pertinent data grabbed in screen shots, articles with headlines, etc.
  • It might include personal photos.
  • It can be a simple drawing using pencil, pen, and/or other writing implements (markers, crayons).  Draw upon whatever skills available, e.g stick figures, doodles.
  • Create some form of banner text that calls out a critical meaning to highlight.
  • Consider visual design principles:  dominant line, contrast, balance.
  • Size it to an 8.5 x 11 format.
  • If you’ve produced it by hand on paper, make a digital copy using a smartphone or scanner.
  • Post to your rolling Google doc.  
  • When we decide on the appropriate platform, these will eventually be uploaded to a shared social media site to create a shared gallery, e.g. an album on a course Facebook group.   

Intern Nation illustration Fall 13