class 8 images to post

The goal of this assignment is to generate six images with accompanying text that we can use to begin developing our DI.HW crime scene board.

  • From your chosen class 5 DI-HW issues?  topic of study:
    • Bring in 3 images (preferably color), each one taking up substantial space on 8×11 sheet.  You should already have collected and posted two on your class 5 Google doc notes.
      • “Substantial” meaning large enough to be easily read in relation to whatever analysis notes you’ll post alongside.
      •  Images could be printed out and/or taken from magazines.  
      • If you don’t have access to a printer, you might try doing some form of hand-drawn copy of the images.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect; in whatever rough or more refined state your rendering might be, it could turn out more interesting than the printed image.
    • Write some critique/analysis notes of the images selected, written on 3×5 note cards (or something similar) to be posted on the wall.  You could use notebook paper, yellow pad, repurposed/recycled paper, e.g. retail product box, what else?
    • Critique notes might be drawn from the class 5 notes you wrote and/or, additional free write ideas you might first put on your rolling Google doc and then write out on cards/paper you can post by the images.  You’ll be able to write text during class;  but best to have written notes to start with.
  • Do some power structure research of who owns/controls/profits off the topics/issues of concern; bring in 2-3 images with an equivalent number of cards of written text to put alongside on the wall.
    • The images could serve to illustrate quotes you selected for class 7 assignment, question #4:  “For each article, find two key sequences – ideas, information, analysis, suggestion – that seem particularly meaningful, that you might want to explore further; for a total of four.  Each should be no more than a sentence or a few.  Copy and paste with page numbers. “
    • You might also find images of
      • HW and other related corporate structures.
      • Top power-holders: who they are, how they got there, wealth, record related to diversity and social justice, photos
      • Profit record of that company
      • Diversity/inclusion record of that company
      • What else?
  • If you have other kinds of images and art-materials that you think might be interesting and relevant to contribute, bring them in.  
  • This includes markers, crayons, yarn or other connecting materials.

Use your intuition.  This is a different kind of assignment and there may be some lack of clarity.  Follow the prompts as best as possible.  There’s no right or wrong.  Use your intuition.