class 5 watch 13th documentary &

Watch 13th, documentary (2016) by Ava DuVernay on the history of mass incarceration and write response notes.


  1. Read the Oppression Matrix;  to be applied in responding to prompts below.  

  2. Watch 13th up to 1.09.00 (one hour and nine minutes).   

    Fred Hampton, at 21, leader of Chicago Black Panther Party, assassinated by FBI, 1969; seen as a monumental threat for his prophetic-like ability to bring together young activists across the color line.

  3. What are two take-aways that have something to do with youth, democracy, and the entertainment industries?

    • Begin by stating the take-away in a sentence or a few.

    • Apply oppression matrix responding to these prompts:

      • What institutions are part of the issue?

      • What is the culture being created?  Beliefs, norms, values, stories, symbols, images

      • In this discussion, offer some specific information and examples from the documentary.

4.  Your thoughts and feelings?  

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Reading questions – WRITTEN RESPONSES REQUIRED — 1-2 pages.  Post to rolling Google doc with date, assignment title; send link.   Single-spaced & typed in Times New Roman or Arial (size 12 font), 1-inch margins.  Insert horizontal line between assignments.  Remember to proofread.