class 5 follow-up coloring

doodling with lines, color, and framing using Preview edit tool options

For those who attended class 4, complete the coloring we did in class 4 of two (photocopies of) class1 illustrations:

—  For the second illustration, get a bit wild.  In class, we briefly looked at the bold, cartoon-like, expressionistic style of Keith Haring – and will have a presentation on him in class 5.

  — Go beyond simply coloring the lines and filling in existing forms. Keith Haring used curvilinear lines to add dynamic movement.    Play with lines, doodles, symbols, e.g. $$$$ signs, words, what else?

— Bring your (2) finished colored illustrations to class.

For those who missed class 4, no worries.  It’s a simple assignment.  You’ll be able to make it up for the next class.

Keith Haring, “Burning Dollar” ca. 1980