class 4 illustrations, democracy?

If you have any kinds of coloring implements (crayons, markers, colored pencils, what else) bring to class.  We’ll do some coloring of the class 1 illustrations you’ve done.  

Milena Adorney class 3: class 3: “Draw a face and/or body, expressing thoughts/feelings on tests, grades, GPAs or anything else evoked by readings (on critical pedagogy)…” 2.1.22

  • Freewrite to these prompts — no more than 1 page.
    • What do these illustrations say about the relationship between youth and the entertainment industries?
    • Look at the Word Cloud terms of democracy.  In relation to the power matrix about which you’ve written in the above prompt, how do these terms apply – or not?
    • Make a list of all the entertainment industries that are implicitly a part of what’s pictured in the illustrations.    

Post to rolling Google doc with date, assignment title; send link.   Single-spaced & typed in Times New Roman or Arial (size 12 font), 1-inch margins.  Insert horizontal line between assignments.  Remember to proofread.