class 25 load zine elements &

NOTE:  Our next class (Thu 12.2.21) is meeting at the UMass FAC Museum of Contemporary Art — entrance located at the southeast corner of the pond.  

Several exhibits are relevant to our course focus including We Are For Freedoms.  Please Read exhibition statement in advance. 

For Freedoms Constellation wall, UMass FAC MOCA gallery.

For next class, please complete:

  • Load zine elements as outlined in class 21.
  • Write reflection notes assessing the experience of these last four weeks combining image-making with discussion of the “work” oppression of student labor.  What worked, could work better?
    • How was the experience of doing informal art-making interpreting critical issues facing youth?
    • How do you compare the experience of hand-made art (illustration, signage) vs. digital (images of youth)?
    • How was it to address a topic that directly affects your immediate lives?  

Send instructor link to your rolling Google-doc.