class 25 critical pedagogy zine optional

Zine: Developing a Socially Conscious Pedagogy. TEACH@CUNY. Download a pdf of this zine:

Overview:  this assignment is optional

As we didn’t have adequate time to do critical visioning of “what we want, what we believe” (BPP 1996 10pt program) in relation to group topics, this last assignment asks you to do some critical visioning in relation to the conditions of student labor you experience.  Using Google slides, a goal is to create a class zine that expresses your perspectives on undergraduate pedagogy and what you want to change.  Process:

  • Reflect on and represent through words and image the meanings of critical pedagogy in relation to your college experience.  
  • Do so by free writing your thoughts and feelings.  Then create a simple hand-drawn illustration to represent what you’ve written.


    • Review class 3 critical pedagogy, inequality assignment and your response notes.  For a quick reminder, the top of the assignment page outlines some basic principles of critical pedagogy.
    • On your rolling Google doc, freewrite responses to these prompts:  
      • In relation to this class and your wider college education, this term and beyond, what is your experience of the banking method of top-down, hierarchical education?  How does it work for you?  How does it feel?
      • Towards creating a democratically-oriented critical pedagogy, what would be purposeful for instructors to know about the student experience?
      • What are some ways it could be different?
    • Create an illustration (or two – though only one is required) that somehow represents something you’ve written.  You might include written text commentary, e.g. a caption, as part of the illustration.  If you do include written text, make it legible.  AND MAKE SURE THE IMAGE IS DRAWN WITH SUFFICIENT SATURATION for effective digital copy.
    • Do it on an 8×11 sheet of paper, positioned horizontally (landscape mode).  Leave one-inch edges on all sides.
    • On another sheet of paper, also positioned horizontally and divided down the middle, write out excerpts from the free writing you’ve done above.  MAKE SURE WRITING IS LEGIBLE and WITH SUFFICIENT SATURATION for effective digital copy.  Leave one-inch edges on all sides.
    • Somewhere on each page, include some identifier, either full name or first and last initials.     
    • SCAN the pages of illustration and written text and upload to this shared Google slide document.
    • As the quality of smartphone photos of paper documents varies, PLEASE MAKE THE TIME TO SCAN your pages.  This can be done by downloading a free scanning app.  The best option is to use the scanners on the Commons (basement) level of the Du Bois Library.  They are easy to use.  If you don’t know how, there’s a help desk nearby.  The scanners are located just around the corner from the east side stairway you walk down from entry level.
    • Upload these documents to your rolling Google doc and send link to instructor.  

      Zine Workshop: Intro to DIY Zines for Activism