class 23 review zine pages

p. 14, class 19 ZineTemplate1Fall22

Review and write brief reflection notes on the (2) zine slide documents we’ve created:

Read through both of these shared slide documents, taking in the images and accompanying text.

Write reflection notes that consider both content – concerns/issues – and form, how these concerns/issues are communicated in image and written text.  

  1.  Make a list of the issues raised.  Be as general and/or specific as you like.

  2.  In what ways, if any, are they connected?  In responding, include discussion of your particular topic and its relationship to any others.  

  3.  In the work of your cohorts (on either or both of the slide docs), what do you see that you like?  In written text, image, and the combination thereof, what do you find engaging?  If you’re so inclined, take a screen shot(s) of something that appeals to you; say why and post below.

  4.  Assess your own work:  what you like, what you might change, and where to go next?   If your work could use revision in how it’s written, than do so.   

Post to your rolling Google doc with assignment date and title at top.  Send link to instructor: