class 22 finish & copy zine 

social media group zine page. 4.19.22

For those who haven’t yet finished their 4 page zine assignment for class 21  do what you need to complete. 

For those who’ve completed a first draft, if it makes sense, do any modifications that seem purposeful.

While some of you have already done so, for those who haven’t, as per the class 21 assignment

  • Post to your Google doc and send link to instructor.

  • Make (3-4) photocopies to share in class – if you’ve already done this, no need.

  • Even if you’ve worked in color, doing black and white copies is fine.  Color is a bit more costly, but try that as well.    

In class, we’ll review how to format page order so that it comes out in the right order.

Kathryn Hogan, zine page 4, April 19, 2022