class 21 read zines &

I Dislike Social Media, p. 9

1.  Read  three zines and write response notes:

Zine one:  Danny Caine 2019, “How To Resist Amazon and Why”.

Zine two:  IdeasInPictures#4

Zine three: Di, 2022, I Dislike Social Media 

For these zines write response notes responding to following prompts;  post to your rolling Google doc with assignment date and title.

  • Thoughts on content & form:  story it tells, how it’s told in written text, images, overall sequence, how they integrate information?
  • How do they compare?
  • What do they say about strategies for change?

2.  Brainstorming exercise:   having read the above zines, write out a few (2-3) ideas for zine pages for the topic you’re exploring.  This might draw from your annotations, lived experiences, ideas for follow-up research.  For each idea, write no more than a sentence or two.

3.  How is your topic represented in images and words? 

Do some online research to collect images on your topic.  Find at least 2-3 and copy/paste onto your Google doc.  Include URL for where they were found.  

Some things to consider:

  • differences between generic Google images and photographs of particular things that stand for your topic, e.g. for device addiction, youth on their cellphones.  
  • how image and text are combined

Some possible directions:

  • Visual representations of your topic:  what kinds of images stand for the issues you’re raising?       
  • Cartoon-like illustrations done by professionals, done by amateurs.
  • Collage-like assemblages of images and text.
  • Memes created on and/or related to your topic.
  • Zines on your topic.
  • Personal photographs.
  • Screen shots from social media sites, e.g. Instagram, TikTok.  
  • What else?

Post all the above to your rolling Google doc.  Include assignment date, title.  Send link to instructor: