class 21 load zine elements 

Group zine, Comm397ss, Spring 2012

Towards the goal of learning to make a zine using Google slides, upload elements from relevant assignments and revise image and text to improve meanings.  Though there can be more, there should be at least four pages, which means two slides following the split page format.  

When completed, send instructor link to your Google slide document.

  1. Copy this zine template on Google slide, giving it a name to make it your own personal zine platform. 
  2. Load the image/text work you did for the following assignments:

When completed, send instructor link to your Google slide document.

  1. Once loaded, consider the sequence of slides and in what ways (if any) do the varied slides and their image-text meanings connect?  

J. Delnero, zine page, Spring 2012

  1. Where it seems necessary, do design revisions.  This is to learn Google slide tools.  
  • Try moving text around.
  • Experiment with different fonts and text size.
  • Use color and lines to add visual dynamism.
  • Consider how the visual design of the varied slides has some connecting patterns — or not.  If not, brainstorm how it might happen and try it out.
  1. Write reflection notes.  When you’re done assembling these slide elements, on your rolling Google doc, write to the following prompts:
  • How was it to put this together?  
  • At this point, what do you appreciate about your zine elements?  
  • How do they connect — or not?
  • What kinds of narrative text (personal story, commentary, “facts,” history) might be included to add context, depth, and create some thematic connections between slides.
  • If you’re so inclined, go ahead and do some of that writing, free write style.
  • In telling your story, and offering your perspectives on issues we’ve raised in the class.  This includes the theme of The Great Resignation UMass (see class 20 prompt below).
  • What other elements might you add to your zine?

In current “news” discourse, The Great Resignation refers to significant numbers of U.S. workers returning to work, in part because of it’s oppressive features.  Regarding students, can it be applied to significant patterns of non-attendance, non-completion of class work? 

If you’re feeling the need, here’s a video with information on how to use Google slides to make a zine.