class 19 load zine elements

For our first class zine project, load the topic statement and illustration you did for classes 17-18 on this shared ZineTemplate1Fall22 Google slide document

As you’ll see (zine page below), each slide is formatted with a vertical line down the center.

On one slide, upload your image on one side, written text on the other. 

As you read the written text, consider whether it would be purposeful to edit.  This might be towards brevity (less is more) and readability.

Also consider how the written text might be arranged on the page in more interesting ways, e.g. breaking up a dense paragraph into smaller paragraphs with space in between.

On this issue of designing layout of written text on the page, we will be doing peer editing in class.  But if you’re inclined to get started, that would be purposeful.

from Honors391a, Revisioning the New Deal, Spring ‘22