class 19 demo & journal notes

  1. Articulate your sense of what democracy means to you in terms of values, ideals, practices; to provide some basis for assessing information sources you’re reading and formulating your perspective on your topic.
  • On your rolling Google doc., review your class 2 response notes that responded to the prompt:  “Reflect on your sense of what democracy means.  Write down 3-5 terms that for you, define the meanings of democracy.”  
  • How do these compare to the terms previous Comm397ss cohorts have agreed upon?  Review these on the course blog at the very bottom of the right hand assignments column under Demo terms.
  • Freewrite a few sentences to formulate your sense of what democracy means in relation to your topic focus.  Do this in part by stating what for you are some important values/ideals/practices of democracy.  This could include terms from previous Comm397ss cohort lists.  Then discuss those in relation to your topic.

Barbara Kruger, 1991

  1. Review all your topic annotations (classes 11, 13, & 17) to draft a discussion of your findings thus far and how your perspective on the topic is evolving.  3-4 paragraphs.  No more than a page.  Consider this as something you might publish on a blog as an op-ed.  
  • Start with a strong opening sentence.
  • Discuss some of your meaningful findings.
  • What kinds of meanings, if any, have you discerned in addressing the media literacy questions of context/root causes and alternatives/root solutions?
    • If you haven’t you might note that, or not.  
  • Is there a particular direction and/or question(s) you’re formulating?
  • Include at least 2 references to some of the online information you’ve found;  could be specific data, a historical (past/present) moment, political conflict, quote.   
  • Discuss how issues of democracy are at play.  This might incorporate what you’ve written for the first part of this assignment (above).
  • Include your personal point-of-view:  Why is this important?  In what ways does it connect to your lived experiences, personally and/or generationally?    
  • End with a concluding thought:  questions, future directions, concerns.  
  • Inset at least one new image to illustrate some meaning related to your topic.  

 Post on your rolling Google doc.  Include assignment date and title.  Insert horizontal line above/below.

Fifth and sixth graders join more than 1,500 elementary, secondary, and college students protesting Pennsylvania Governor Corbett’s massive cuts to education. 3.30.11