class 18 topic group takeaways

Issues-Industries flyer, 3.29.22

Drawing from class 17 (Tu 4.5.22) topic group discussion, share what for you were some key takeaways:  ideas, directions, reflections on the process.  

  • Can be in bullet point or paragraph form.  

  • A few sentences or more.   

  • Write your notes on this shared Google doc, in the section for your topic group:

    • social media

    • diversity in entertainment industry representation 

    • student debt/ consumerism/climate crisis

    • gender/incarceration

    • other – for topics that might not fit above categories

    • If you missed class, you’ll be able to add notes to a future shared doc.

  • Include your name at end of your entry.

class 1 illustration:  3 person groups, create simple line drawing illustrating relationship(s) between youth and entertainment industries. 1.25.22