class 18  post online discourse notes 

TeenVogue banner promotes youth political engagement a la “Teen Vote 2020”.  A tacit call to defeat Trump?

The goal of this assignment is to post your your class 17 online discourses survey summary notes and two images on whatever social media site your topic group agreed upon. 

And read the posts of your topic group members in preparation for Thursday’s class, where we’ll continue the topic group discussion.


  1.   From your personal rolling Google doc, copy and paste your class 17 assignment to whatever shared social media site your topic group created.  This means posting your summary notes (1-2) paragraphs and 1-2 images that come from these streams.  
  2. Review the following prompts that will guide the topic group discussions next class:
  • Listen to how each person is thinking about the 4 assignment questions (below)
    • story, particular angles, how are they connected
    • context — root causes
    • alternatives  — root solutions
    • strategies for change
  • Discuss how your findings compare
  • How does this relate to youth and democracy?
  • In terms of follow-up, what seems strategic in terms of issues, institutions, culture, alternatives; overlap, collaborate
  1. With the above prompts in mind, read the posts by your cohort topic group members. Be prepared to discuss these in class.
  2. Optional:  You might offer some response notes to any of the posts of your topic group members.  

fashion industry targets teen women by aligning itself with progressive activism as the marker of “cool”? retrieved 10.20.20 from